Canon EOS 350D 1.0.3

تعريف Canon EOS 350D 1.0.3 من شركة كانون Canon تعريف جديد وحصري على جي سوفت من هذه الشركة يدعم Win 2K/XP
Photo opportunities often come along when least expected. That’s when quick shooting response is essential. To capture such moments, the EOS 350D DIGITAL starts up and gets ready to shoot with an amazingly short preparation time.

And more shots can be taken in less time, thanks to the astonishing continuous shooting speed. Shutter-release time lag and viewfinder blackout time are remarkably shortened, making it easier to get dramatic shots before they slip away.

What’s new:
Fixes the phenomenon of shots being unable to be taken when using the remote controller RC-1.
Fixes the phenomenon wherein the camera continues to scroll through images being played back.
Improves reliability in communication when using some CF cards.

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Canon EOS 350D 1.0.3



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Canon EOS 350D 1.0.3


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