Shareaza PRO

برنامج مشاركة ملفات معه تستطيع تحميل برامج العاب افلام ملفات كتب دروس تصاميم جاهزة

برنامج Shareaza PRO احد البرامج الهامة والقوية والمميزة في مجال تحميل ملفات التورنت ومشاركتها مع الاصدقاء وتحميلها من اي سيرفرات تورانت او بي تو بي مشاركة وتبادل الملفات والبرنامج بطبيعة الحال زبون في السيرفرات التالية :

P2PA free P2P client which empowers users to download any files.Shareaza Pro is a free Windows-based peer-to-peer client which empowers users to share, search for and download any type of media files on most poplar P2P network protocols including Gnutella, Gnutella2, eDonkey/eMule, BitTorrent. Shareaza Pros download core was purpose-built to provide intelligence for detecting fake and/or corrupted files. It features extensively swarming technology to simultaneously download files from multiple sources of any network as a result delivering the fastest downloads ever. Shareaza Pro offers advanced download management capabilities allowing previewing downloaded files, to automatically finish incomplete download and clear files downloaded with errors. You won;t find a more sophisticated and luxurious file sharing application. Shareaza Pros built-in media player can preview audio and video while downloading. Its easy-to-use user interface allows you to chat with other Shareaza users too.

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Shareaza PRO



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Windows All

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Shareaza PRO


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